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Going Above and Beyond

April 5, 2021
Every quarter, Foundations Health Solutions, puts out a newsletter to showcase what is going on at different facilities throughout the company. In the most recent, Spring 2021, Quarterly Newsletter Florentine Garden's very our Billie Tussey was recognized for her dedication to our residents and her ability to always go above and beyond. Billie is absolutely amazing and a huge asset to our team!

If you were to look up the term “Patient-Centered Care” in the dictionary, you should find Billie as an example of what that is meant to look like. As she explains it, “it’s all about the residents!” This is not just a phrase Billie half-heartedly uses; she truly believes in it and her work shows it. She honestly wants to give as many little happy moments as she can to all of our residents. Whether it’s by offering a helping hand as an STNA in a needed moment or just by being her bubbly, smiling self when people see her in the hallway; Billie tries to create those moments with every opportunity given to her. Our residents light up the moment she enters the building and they see her coming down the hallway to start the day.

Billie is the Activities Director at Florentine Gardens and continuously goes above and beyond to put a smile on our residents’ faces. Billie‘s work has a way of following her home, even after many attempts of telling her to take a night off. This is because she is always creating something to make our events have that little extra unique and one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Billie is a magician when given some time with cardboard, paint, and a glue gun. One of Billie’s specialties is her themed happy hours for the residents.

Like many people, Billie has her obstacles she faces to get through her days, but she never lets that phase her. She is one of the most dedicated team members we have at Florentine Gardens. Often staying long after it was her time to head home for the evening or taking her projects home with her to work on perfecting the small details. She is consistently offering to help out wherever she can do so; completing administrative duties and serving meals in the dining rooms on a regular basis.

While she does her job overwhelmingly well, by observing her you can easily tell this isn’t just about that for Billie. She truly has the compassion to consider her residents with all of her decisions. Making all of her choices to where everyone, family and staff included, is able to participate in the fun and joy her events exude. Without a doubt, we can confidently say that her performance surpasses all expectations and positively contributes to the quality care and services we provide just by her being here!

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